Kratts Creatures

Kratts’ Creatures is an internationally acclaimed television series for school-age children and their families. In each episode, the energetic and enthusiastic creature adventuring brothers, Martin and Chris Kratt, take viewers on a wild adventure in the creature world. The Kratt Brothers will do anything to get to know animals. They dress in a zebra costume to get close to the herd, send their crash test dummy down a hippo river to see how a bull hippo defends his turf, and even build a beaver lodge side by side with the great creature architect. Through the Kratt Brother’s wild adventures, viewers explore the animal world in a way never before possible. And kids everywhere are transformed into fellow “creature adventurers!”

GENRE Children, Live Action
FORMAT 50 X 26 mins
STYLE Digital 2D, HD
CREATOR Martin Kratt, Chris Kratt, Leo Eaton